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Free delivery from 30€ of purchase


Aberyne aims to revisit iconic products of French gastronomy. The Biarritz-based company is part of a new range of alternatives to meat, offering the best of plant-based products.
But then why Foie Green?

Born into a family of restaurateurs in the South West, Mikel, an entrepreneur at heart, has always been passionate about cooking. He discovered the field of possibilities of plant-based cooking through his father. Due to heart problems, his father was deprived of foie gras by his doctor for the holidays. His son Mikel then started looking for vegetable alternatives to foie gras but the few erzatz did not satisfy his palate.

So, he decided to create a replica of foie gras using only vegetable ingredients, as close as possible to the traditional foie gras.
After 3 years of R&D, Mikel finally succeeded in replicating all the flavors of a classic foie gras but using only plant ingredients.

Foie Green was born.